If you have a gap between where your career, team, or organization is and where you want it to be, We can help.

We have spent over 20 years learning about human systems and studying how people define the boundaries of their work together, communicate task, intentions, and expectations, and authorize each other for roles and leadership. We use our expertise to help leaders and executives to better understand the conscious and unconscious dynamics at work within their teams and organizations and help them shift their organizational cultures to improve performance, communication and member engagement.

Identification & Understanding of Organizational or Team Issues

Identification & Understanding of
Organizational or Team Issues

We conduct observations of your team or organization at work and may also conduct interviews with team members, key stakeholders, and other sources of influence. Several working hypotheses will be developed with regards to the issues that are hindering performance or engagement.



Through the transformation phase, we work with you to help your organization develop new processes and capabilities and work with your team members to develop a new set of skills which will allow them to process and understand their own behavior. This process essentially helps your team and organization become more aware of the conscious and unconscious dynamics within your system, and develop the tools to quickly resolve interpersonal and issues and focus efforts on improving performance, clear communication, and engagement.



To ensure this new skill-set is integrated and sustainable and your team continues to function at optimal levels, follow-up and maintenance sessions are recommended.

Our Services

We work with your team or organization to identify, understand, and transform barriers to optimal performance and engagement. Along with this, we help develop new skills to ensure that this level of performance is sustainable. We also help your teams and organization exhibit coherence around their tasks that transcend the individual members as they become greater than the sum of their parts.

  • Whole-System Interventions

  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

  • Organizational & Team Assessments

  • Speaking Services

    Topics Include:
    - Organizational & Group Dynamics
    - The Relationship between Organizational Structure & Individual Anxiety
    - Employee Engagement & Organizational Coherence

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Ara Haroutiounian, M.S.

Ara Haroutiounian, M.S.
CEO & Founder

Ara holds a Master of Science degree in organizational psychology and has spent over 20 years studying, analyzing, learning from, and consulting to teams and organizations. He has collaborated with senior leaders and managers to transform government agencies, companies in the entertainment, technology, pharmaceutical, food, design, and engineering industries, small and medium sized enterprises, academic institutions, and not-for-profit organizations.

He is also a Professor in the Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department at William James College, and has served in faculty and/or consulting capacities at various other academic institutions, including UCLA, California State University Los Angeles and University of San Diego's Leadership Institute. He has Directed two group relations conferences at UCLA and is an Advisory Board Member for the UCLA Center for the Study of Organizational and Group Dynamics, and serves on the Board of Directors for Grex Group Relations: the West Coast Affiliate of the A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems.